Men like him don’t exist in the real world, but they do in Washington. Perfect smile. Perfect manners. Tall, broad and beautiful. The most powerful Senator in DC is seeking the White House. And he wants me to help him get there.

Me. Charlie Carter, sister, daughter, a pseudo-journalist from a small town with limited experience. He’s a god among men. Colin McKenna isn’t the boy next door—he’s the lion ready to slaughter the lamb. I should run, bury myself under the years that have slipped by, but the new whirlwind of opportunity his offer holds entices the prey from her hiding spot.

I give in. And because we’re both a little bit broken, we fall, and it’s fast and hard and intense. But just as the campaign gets going, things start to fall apart. Someone is intent on breaking us. Not just breaking us up, but destroying our hope for a future. My secrets, his advisers, and the past conspire together, and it seems they’ll succeed.

Or will they?

The Midnight Series is an intense, sexy romance with a dash of intrigue and loads of emotion from author Elizabeth Miller. This thrilling, complete series is at times laugh out loud funny, it sizzles between the sheets and drops one surprise after another. Midnight is not a political drama, nor does it delve deeply into politics. Prepare for an epic romance about two people with disparate lives trying to come together. It’s for the 17+ crowd.

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Midnight Excerpt:

Colin reclines against the back of the couch. I’m in the chair at the small side table, with ten feet separating us. I’ve had enough brandy to warm Iceland. Or, maybe the heat is from the way he tracks me with his eyes. From the tips of my toes, that are now freed from heels, along the line of my legs, one crossed over the other and bared by the long split in my skirt. And then to my breasts, now rising and falling with my heightened breath. All from a damn look that has my nipples pebble to sharp points. I should stare at the floor, his shoes, not his quads that are hardly contained in black pants, or his biceps bulging as he crosses his arms over his bulbous pectorals—muscles. Every single muscle on this man is tight and thick.

I squeeze my thighs together and he growls.

He growls.

I do it again and he stalks forward.

From couch to chair, he’s on me in a second. My head snaps back as his hands grip me above my waist and he hauls me up. I’m plastered against him with my fingers in his hair—every luscious silk strand. His mouth slams into mine.

My God.

Hot, sweet like wine and sexy as hell, his tongue sweeps in to taste me. Deep lashing licks to shorter strokes, and my heart leaps into next year. Something is going to happen between us. I want it like I’ve never wanted anything before. I’m taking a new path and he’s at the end of it. No matter what happens between us, he will become a part of me and I’ll take him with me forever.

He breaks away, breathless and pleading with his eyes.

“Tell me to stop, Charlie.” His chest heaves beneath my hands as I run them all over him and then his shoulders, feeling the rippling veins on the side of his neck and up to his jaw. I hold him as a struggle plays out on his features and in his gaze. “Talk to me,” he whispers.

I brush my lips against his. “I want this.”

He groans his agreement and tugs on the belt holding my dress together. It billows open and his thumbs help it from my shoulders and then down my arms until it falls to the floor. Left in lace lingerie, I wonder what he’s thinking. I’m more buxom than bony and for the first time in my life I care that my hips are round and my breasts are big.

Stepping away a foot, he says, “Take off your bra.”

I hold my breath; no one has seen me naked before. Not like this. My vision blurs as I reach back to the clasp.

He inhales at the same moment I feel the chilled air against my skin, confirming my vulnerability. “Charlie,” he breathes, lifting a hand to feather his fingers down the side of my body, stopping on my hip bones. “Look at me.”

A cry is lodged in my throat. I’m afraid of what I’ll find when I do. I need him to kiss me and make me forget the insecurities in my head, and the past that swirls along with them. A bleating whimper escapes when I find his hungry eyes, and he says, “You’re gorgeous.”

I launch myself at him, kissing his chin, his cheek, nipping on his jaw. “Make me feel everything. Make me feel so good the only thing I’ll remember is this night and you.”

The last word is lost in his mouth. He sweeps me up as if I weigh nothing and holds me against him. In seconds we’re in his room and then I’m on his bed.

“Lie back.” It’s a soft command, but a command all the same. I scoot to the middle of the mattress and drop from my elbows as he pulls his belt free. Need rushes between my thighs and he watches me squirm. One button and then the next; by the time he frees his shirt and bares his chest, my clit is throbbing and I’m wet, so wet and panting with anticipation. His pants and boxer briefs follow. The man has no shame. He stands stock still, hand stroking his hard length as I take in my fill.

Holy Shit. He is a god among men. There’s nothing soft about him. His abdomen ripples with dips and shadows. A small smattering of hair frames his erection. And oh my, it’s—I swallow a lump—it’s more than I thought it could possibly be.

Midnight: One destined meeting. It alters journalist, Charlise “Charlie” Carter’s course. When asked to work on a Republican candidate’s campaign, she’s unprepared for the intense reaction she has toward the young, handsome presidential hopeful, Colin McKenna.

Unable to resist Charlie’s allure, McKenna succumbs to his desire and they find themselves exploring a passionate, physical relationship that is soon tested by not only their own secrets, but his political advisers.

Traveling the country in pursuit of the presidential nomination, his career aspirations and complications from the past collide with their desire to be together, threatening to tear them apart forever. Midnight tells a compelling story of burgeoning trust, intense passion and secrets that could cause it all to unravel in a heartbeat.

Midnight Sky: Confused and upset by dark revelations, Charlise “Charlie” Carter ended her relationship with the beautiful yet damaged presidential hopeful, Colin McKenna.

But Charlie learns all is not lost, nor was her love given in vain. With a new understanding of how she came into Colin’s life, and his true feelings, their sensual affair continues.

Holding on to hope, Charlie gives him her heart and he’s promised to protect it and her. Yet real danger lurks at every corner, in every city and behind each door. Colin must find a way to keep her safe and by his side, all the while remaining committed to his bid on the White House.

While Colin wrestles with Charlie’s security and the campaign, she struggles with new-found fame. Washington demands perfection and she is far from pure. Can Charlie remain true to herself and help Colin realize his dream? Or will outside forces tear them apart for good? Midnight Sky is a story of sacrifice and a love so true, it transcends public persecution and deep-seated insecurities.



3 thoughts on “The Midnight Series

  1. I love this series! I would like to see what happens to Ali and Evan. Is there a sequel coming out? Also I can’t fin Only Tonight for the Nook. Will that become available soon?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Donna. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the Midnight series. Colin and Charlie are close to my heart and I miss them! 🙂 Ali and Evan are on my list of upcoming projects. I’m working on a couple of stories for prior commitments and then will get down to the two of them. Can’t wait to get back to those Carter girls. Only Tonight is wrapped up in Kindle Unlimited, as soon as that contract expires I will list it on Apple, Nook and Kobo. It should be up in about 45 days. xoxo


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