A shocking end to a beautiful love story

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Personally, Midnight Sun is my favorite in the trilogy. We get all the things we love to see with Charlie and Colin: passion, such poignant and beautiful devotion between two people who found their forever in one another. Their love is tested more than once by secrets and enemies who want nothing more than to see them destroyed. This story answers all of the nagging questions remaining from books one and two. I truly hope you enjoy the final chapter of the Midnight Trilogy and that it leaves you thinking about Charlie and Colin in the days to come. Thank you so much for taking this journey with me.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

The hold he has on me is nothing short of fierce. With one hand braided through my hair and the other held firm against my lower back, he digs in, covering me in his presence. His heartbeat is strong beneath my cheek, but I know life can change in an instant. I’ve encountered the sudden impact more than most. I’m not sitting on the sidelines anymore waiting for the next curveball. There may be more Ellas or Johns or Shanes to cross my path, but I’m not afraid. I’ve fought my way into happiness too many times to get stuck in the potholes. I’ll stand my ground and take what I want. And right now, that’s Colin. I’m going to marry him and live the dream.

I lean back and tilt my head to give my own command. “Kiss.”

The smile that peels across his face is priceless. It’s sweet and disarming, the hidden side he saves for me. “Hm.” He sinks into indecency, the line of his body molding closer to mine. “Careful, my love. We’re doing so well to manage through your imposed boundaries. I would hate to breach them with only fifty-four hours . . .” he nips my bottom lip, “remaining through this sanction.”

I laugh. “Counting down the hours?”

“The minutes, actually.”

My eyes roll when his hands stray under my jacket, along my spine and to the sides of my breasts. Suddenly, they’re aching and heavy, and my breath fractures when his mouth slides into place with a kiss so intense I can feel it in my chest. I’m ruined by the powerful thrust of his tongue and his complete abandon. And then he rips away.

 “You,” he pants into my cheek. “I’m terrified by how much I want you. More than that, how much I need you.” He tightens his hold. “I’m obsessed with your laugh and with how you look at me, insatiable—exactly how I feel. I’ve never relied on anyone as I do you.” I pry away only enough to see his eyes and the almost painful expression that cannot be smoothed away with my fingers. “So yes. I’m tracking the seconds until you’re mine. And when you are, Charlie, when you belong to me, I will take you so hard time will cease to mean anything other than where my hands are and when they’ll touch you again.”

He kisses me deep, and with a longing that echoes his words. I hate that it has to last the entire day as we separate to tie up loose ends before we become affixed for good.

Each hour has my to-do list growing shorter and shorter. Last stop: honeymoon prep. Hours spent at Je T’aime, Washington’s exclusive lingerie boutique, results in the perfect ensembles to drive Colin insane—in the best way.

Six turns to eight, and when reunited we have just enough time for leftovers with wine and a steaming shower. We fall into bed exhausted from the day, or maybe the year that has chased us right up to our I dos. I slip into sleep with my T-shirt tucked under my breasts so Colin’s head can rest on my bare stomach. He loses his battle to stay awake while tracing words along my hipbone. Forever is not enough.

My whispered affection is lost in a dream that’s over before I can remember it. Night passes to day. Vague impressions of love and loss weigh heavy on my heart as the subtle stroke of light brushes my lids from the outside in. The hint of sandalwood is replaced by something that doesn’t belong under my sheets. I’m flat on my stomach, arms wrapped around my pillow with a chill covering my shoulders. Not once since sharing a bed have we been in one without touching.

Colin is gone, yet I am not alone.

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New to the Midnight Series? Charlie and Colin’s story is a must read and you can take the adventure with them for 99 pennies.

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